Patrick Louwerse

For Commercial Work:

Philippe Avendaño Vera

+31 6 24 27 63 50





Selected clients
Pop Trading Company

Director and Animator with a love for hand crafted animations, high concept imagery and fantastic stories.

Patrick uses various disciplines like animation, miniature set design, VFX and live-action film

to create imaginary worlds.

Mallorca Camper
POP/CONVERSE: Jack Purcell Dragonskin Pop Trading Company
Amsterdam Camper
POP/CONVERSE: Jack Purcell Dragonskin VFX breakdown Pop Trading Company
Pop 2020 Minotour
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Bleu Désert
Colin Read
Fabio de Frel
Gilleam Trapenberg
Jonas Vahl
Judith Veenendaal
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Lana Senaoui
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Patrick Louwerse
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