Patrick Louwerse

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Philippe Avendaño Vera

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Selected clients
Pop Trading Company

Patrick Louwerse (1982) is a director and animator with a love for hand-crafted animations, high-concept imagery and fantastical stories.


As a St. Joost School of Art & Design graduate, Louwerse has a keen eye for inventive animation. His work displays a craftsmanlike precision, using visual effects, animations and illustrations in a way that is singularly his. 


Louwerse's skills have been put to use in numerous shorts, music videos and commercials. He has worked with brands such as Timex, Eastpak, Carhartt, Converse, Nike, Camper, and Pop Trading Company–with whom he has a long-lasting partnership that fully displays his boundary-seeking visual style. 


Throughout his work, Louwerse creates playful, unusual and, at times, uncanny films that wonder, inspire and awaken the senses. 


H08 Hermès
Pop Trading Company Timex
Mallorca Camper
POP/CONVERSE: Jack Purcell Dragonskin Pop Trading Company
Amsterdam Camper
POP/CONVERSE: Jack Purcell Dragonskin VFX breakdown Pop Trading Company
Pop 2020 Minotour
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Patrick Louwerse
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