Artillerie is an Amsterdam-based production company focusing on the development of talent through production. The company has a strong track record creating commercials, music videos and short films in a visual style that resonates globally. We prefer to let our portfolio tell you the rest.
Selected clients
Bonne Suits
Hugo Boss
Lack of Guidance
Oko & Cinnaman
Pernod Ricard
Pop Trading Company
Awards & Lectures
2020NFF Jury Award for Best Music Video: Yseult - 'Noir', Judith Veenendaal
2019Ciclope International Festival of Craft Bronze Award: Yseult - 'Noir', Judith Veenendaal

Oudekerksplein 26
1012 GZ Amsterdam

Ralph de Haan 
Executive Producer
+31 6 27 09 51 92

Philippe Avendaño Vera 
Executive Producer
+31 6 24 27 63 50

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Artillerie presents
Fabio de Frel Self-taught filmmaker and photographer Fabio de Frel approaches film from a psychological and anthropological perspective. In his work, Fabio shows his observations of subcultures by creating scenes which originate as a photo. With a hint of comedy he merges them into movement by his strong visual language.
Gilleam Trapenberg Through his work, Trapenberg reflects on the contradictions that are part of the social landscape in Curaçao, were the idea of a utopian paradise is diametrically opposed to the realities of post-colonialism and tourism. He explores stereotypes and tropes that have manifested themselves through social culture and the Western media. Gilleam Trapenberg (1991, Willemstad, Curaçao) moved to the Netherlands at the age of nineteen and graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2017.
Jonas Vahl Jonas always strives for the unseen in his music videos and commercials. His fascination for single artifacts and technical ideas, leads to a range of work, that is always unique and compelling. His strong visual approach and his unconventional ideas, give his films a contemporary and aesthetically striking look. Jonas Vahl graduated from the Berlin University of the Arts and from the renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.
Joppe Jacob Rog (NL, USA) Joppe Jacob Rog is an award-winning director who has been making documentaries, commercials, and branded content for over 10 years. He is renowned for his honest documentary approach and is quickly becoming known for his non-fiction, cinematic style.
Kevin Osepa (CW) Kevin Osepa is a visual artist (working with film and photography) born and raised on the island of Curaçao and is now based in the Netherlands. His work revolves around his identity and the Afro-Caribbean identity in a post-colonial world.
Patrick Louwerse Director and Animator with a love for hand crafted animations, high concept imagery and fantastic stories. Patrick uses various disciplines like animation, miniature set design, VFX and live-action film to create imaginary worlds.