Artillerie creates distinctive visual work. In dialogue with culture, community and our city of Amsterdam, our talented directors make commercial and fiction work that reaches globally. Artillerie stimulates talents creatively, produces projects, and develops ideas to fruition, resulting in an ongoing list of successful commercials, music videos and autonomous film work with a recognisable style.
Selected clients
Bonne Suits
Calvin Klein
Hugo Boss
Lack of Guidance
National Opera & Ballet
Oko & Cinnaman
Pop Trading Company
Under Armour
Awards & Lectures
2020NFF Jury Award for Best Music Video: Yseult - 'Noir'
2019Ciclope International Festival of Craft Bronze Award: Yseult - 'Noir'

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1012 GZ Amsterdam

Ralph de Haan 
Executive Producer
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Philippe Avendaño Vera 
Founder & Executive Producer
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Luc Hueber
Junior Producer
+31 6 43 51 31 54

Suzie van Geem

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Artillerie presents
Fabio de Frel Fabio de Frel (1992) is a filmmaker and musician who craftfully strides the lines around existential questions with his striking work. As a self-taught filmmaker, De Frel's focus stays close to the heart. By working both with visuals and through sound, he manages to create works in which narrative and tone are in tune, both with the zeitgeist and each other. De Frel has worked with prominent international brands such as KENZO, Loewe, Adidas and Pop Trading Company. In 2022, De Frel directed and produced his autonomous debut be right back (brb), a cross-disciplinary film project featuring nine short films with an accompanying soundscape, made in collaboration with Julio Martin. The project was installed and exhibited at the Melkweg Expo in Amsterdam in May 2022.
Joppe Jacob Rog Filmmaker Joppe Jacob Rog has been making documentaries, commercials, and branded content for over 10 years. He is renowned for his honest documentary approach and is quickly becoming known for his non-fiction, cinematic style.
Kevin Osepa Kevin Osepa is a visual artist (working with film and photography) born and raised on the island of Curaçao and is now based in the Netherlands. His work revolves around his identity and the Afro-Caribbean identity in a post-colonial world.
Patrick Louwerse Patrick Louwerse (1982) is a director and animator with a love for hand-crafted animations, high-concept imagery and fantastical stories. As a St. Joost School of Art & Design graduate, Louwerse has a keen eye for inventive animation. His work displays a craftsmanlike precision, using visual effects, animations and illustrations in a way that is singularly his. Louwerse's skills have been put to use in numerous shorts, music videos and commercials. He has worked with brands such as Timex, Eastpak, Carhartt, Converse, Nike, Camper, and Pop Trading Company–with whom he has a long-lasting partnership that fully displays his boundary-seeking visual style. Throughout his work, Louwerse creates playful, unusual and, at times, uncanny films that wonder, inspire and awaken the senses.
Wout Westen Introducing Wouter Westen, a dynamic creative director who embraces versatility and thrives in diverse roles. With a rich skill set, he effortlessly transitions between the realms of an artist, graphic designer, film director, and editor. His artistic endeavors effortlessly transcend the conventional boundaries of graphic design, film, music, and technology. Operating at the intersection of film and visual art, he fearlessly explores a wide array of genres, ranging from captivating documentary cinema to pioneering multimedia installations. Wouter Westen's boundless creativity and passion for pushing artistic boundaries are evident in his exceptional ability to embrace multiple titles.