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Philippe Avendaño Vera

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Selected clients

The Paris-based director duo MANA, composed of Nathan Almeras and Antoine Moirin, have found a common ground in their love for visual narratives. MANA’s work, while fresh and evolving, is characterised by their passion for mixed media, intricate handcrafted illustrations, and dynamic editing techniques.


Their unique style has attracted the attention of clients such as Salomon, Footlocker EU, Converse, and Oppo. Simultaneously, MANA consistently strives to highlight the essence of a product and the ethos of a brand, establishing themselves as an ideal choice for product cinematography in the advertising sector.


Although the narrative of MANA is at its exciting early stages, their creative and innovative approach underscores the importance of fresh perspectives in visual storytelling, as they navigate their path within the filmmaking industry. 

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Ankle Breakers
Artemis Polemis
Eva Oosterveld
Fabio de Frel
Folkert Verdoorn
Jonas Arent Smulders
Joppe Jacob Rog
Kevin Osepa
Lotte van Raalte
Luca Shakison
Michelle Helena Janssen
Patrick Louwerse
Suzanne Koopstra
Wout Westen